Fuck Me Against The Wall

Well I love doing this weeks video, standing against the wall legs well spread getting fucked by that big black cock, banging and pumping away at my pussy, without doubt it really does give you a real knee trembler, so let me stand against the ball and remove my bra, so those big tits hang nice and free, now it’s time to spread my legs and get penetrated, that’s it fuck my cunt fuck it hard and deep and make that cunt cum.That clit is throbbing, I hope your cock is throbbing and your balls are full of cream, I want you to wank and jerk your cock while you watch me getting fucked, dream and fantasise that you have me pinned against that wall and ram your cock into me, that’s it push that cock all the way in now pump and fuck me, let me feel every inch of your cock, not turn me round bend me over and ride me, let’s hear your balls smacking against my ass, come on fuck me make me cum on your big hard cock.How long can you hold onto all that lovely hot spunk, I know you want to spunk into me go on fill my pussy with all your sperm fill that cunt and then stand back and watch your spunk running from my pussy lips.I am a dirty bitch but would you have me any other way.LoveMichelle xxxxxxxxx –  (Video) 

Sugarbabe - Fuck Me Against The Wall

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