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Schoolgirl 3 Some Fuck With Curvy Claire Pt2

Pylon Pussy Pt2

Been having some lovely weather up here in sunny Yorkshire. I thought I would take you out and about for a peek at some of the natural wonders around where I live. I even took a camera with me. I met what I thought was a polite gentleman on my walk. He was ever so kind and offered to show me some good vantage points to take photos. I was slightly surprised when he lured me underneath an electricity pylon. This is the best spot to take photos of natural beauty, he assured me. He also convinced me that it would be safer to take my clothes off so as not to create any static so close to a pylon. He promised not to look as I quickly stripped. I mean, I didn’t want my hair to singeing , did I I thought I caught him snaking a peek at me but he said he was looking at a magnificent bush right in front of me. Electrifying was how he described it. Hope you appreciate natural beauty too. I did have to move away from the pylon when nature called. Golden water and pylons are best kept apart, don’t you agree Juicey Janey xxx –  (Gallery) 

JuiceyJaney - Pylon Pussy Pt2

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Tartan Fuck Pt2

After sucking his cock hard I need to be fucked and boy does this guy know how to find the right buttons to push Claire xx –  (Video) 

CurvyClaire - Tartan Fuck Pt2

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I Fuck 3 Sex Toys

This weeks video shows you what a greedy girl I am, as I get to use all 3 sex toys, and my cunt is aching to get fucked by them all and not one at a time, I can take a nice big thick cock so I can certainly get more than one sex toy inside of my pussy, so join me and watch those toys getting to have sex with me.So lets get that first toy inside of me now that is nice and deep, as I fuck myself with it the sensation is I want more, so lets get another toy up there to join it, that’s two up and I still have another one to go, now that is what you call a threesome and I am on the receiving end of it, and I just love it.My cunt filled right up, so now its time to cum and this is one of the most powerful orgasms I have had for a very long time, so now you know 3 into 1 do go. LoveMichelle xxxxx –  (Video) 

Sugarbabe - I Fuck 3 Sex Toys

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Legs In Heels Tease

Teasing you with my bare legs, milky muscled stiletto black shiny patent high heels to make your cock drool. Crossing my legs, shiny black satin panties on. Cum watch I want to tease you until you explode a massive cum for me. –  (Video) 

CougarBabeJolee - Legs In Heels Tease

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Satin Arsehole Worship

Time for you to take your pants down, lube up cock, and start masturbating for me. Satin panties are covering my sweet pretty ass. Slide them down my ass crack revealed, I tell you just what I want you to do to my panties and ass. My asshole is bare in your face continuing to give you asshole instruction. Follow and have a big blast of cum juice squirting from your dick. –  (Video) 

CougarBabeJolee - Satin  Arsehole Worship

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Pink Lady Arse Fingering

Your Panty goddess before you, demanding attention to her satin panties. You get so hard when the panty goddess summons you to sniff her panties. Shiny sexy satin and Panty goddess pussy scent in your nose.It makes you drip on the panty goddess floor as you crawl to the goddess satin panty crotch to worship, sniff and lick. Your cum mess must be cleaned by licking it up and swallowing your creamy cum off the floor in front of the goddess swallow your own cum. –  (Video) 

CougarBabeJolee - Pink Lady Arse Fingering

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Hairy Pussy Speculum

Dressed with nurse uniform, I play with a speculum and I open my hairy pussy in front of a mirror, I love to see my pussy gaping and I hope that you too will take pleasure in seeing the depths of my intimacy. –  (Gallery) 

MaryBitch - Hairy Pussy  Speculum

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Wee Winky Whopper Pt1

A very nice gentleman came to take some pics of me at my home . He was very nice and attractive but quite small and slim . We ended up in my bedroom and I was so horny after having my legs wide open so long as he took some naughty pics of my hairy pussy that I asked if I could have a play with his winky. He nervously agreed but warned me he had a big one. Well I politely said I was sure he had but wasn’t too impressed until I took his winky in my mouth and it welled up into a WHOPPERWhat a big hard cock he had and I loved sucking it as he fingers me Janey xxx –  (Video) 

JuiceyJaney - Wee Winky Whopper Pt1

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