Barbara Bach Nude Scene From “Ecco noi per esempio” Remastered

Barbara Bach nude

The video below features actress Barbara Bach’s big screen nude debut in the 1977 Italian film “Ecco noi per esempio” remastered and enhanced.

Of course Barbara Bach is best known for being a “Bond Girl” after starring in the film “The Spy Who Loved Me”… And rumor has it that the audition process for the film involved her getting vigorously spanked by both Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

Barbara Bach nude

Unfortunately for Barbara she did not have much of an acting career after that, and in 1981 she had to settle for marrying the ugliest and least talented Beatle, Ringo Star.

Barbara Bach nude

Yes, Barbara’s story should serve as a cautionary tale for all the hussies trying to make it in heathen Hollywood, that even if they find some measure of success it will almost certainly be short-lived… And then they will be stuck getting pawed by some fugly hooked-nosed heeb in a train conductor’s hat for the rest of their days.

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